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“I conquered my goals, what’s stopping you?”

This is the story of one of the most amazing ladies we have had the privilege of coaching – Jonette Lee and how she conquered her goal of completing the 360NE challenge. This story evidently shows the importance of setting goals. We are so proud of you Jonette and we know that this is not the end.

Jonette Lee – “My goal was to finish the 36ONE Challenge. I dreamed of doing it in 24 hours but knew that 26 hours would be a reasonable aim and a finish was my overall goal. I completed it in 25 hours and 16 minutes.”

“In 2017 I sat on a chair opposite Johann Wykerd and told him that I wanted to become a cyclist and would he please help me. He looked me straight in the eyes and asked me what I wanted to do. In that moment, because he actually listened to me, I started to dream. And I cried. I wanted to do the full 36ONE MTB Challenge and I knew I was asking for the impossible. When Johann did not flinch I wanted to jump straight in but Johann guided me towards the half distance, 180 kilometers, and then the Trans Baviaans, 240 kilometers, in 2018. He taught me patience. I grew in stamina and fitness and in September 2018 started to train in all earnest for the 36ONE Full Challenge. I lost weight, learned how to change a flat tyre and spoke to a psychologist about my demons that sometimes tell me to quit.

In May 2019 I completed the full 365 kilometers in 25 hours 16 minutes. I saw the moon rise twice and the sun once. I loved every minute of it. The journey to get from 2017 to the finish line changed me as a person. I appreciate the wonder of a having a healthy body, supporting friends and family and the opportunity to live in this beautiful country every day. ”

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