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Indoor riding and your nutrition strategy

Virtual riding has proven to be an amazing training tool during these challenging times, impacting our training in a massive way and has seemed to satisfy most of our athletes’ hunger for competition. Besides being a great training tool, Zwift/Rouvy (2 Most popular training tools) provide the perfect opportunity to work on our nutrition.

In this blog I want to elaborate on the two most popular questions that our athletes have been asking about:

  • What fuel should I use and how much do I need for indoor rides?
  • How can you use Zwift Races to improve your nutrition?

Let us get into the first question?

What and how much should I take on my indoor sessions?This depends on the goal of your session.

 If you are just cruising along in Watophia looking for a Zone 2 ride, then nutrition becomes less important. If you want to push your limits with interval sessions and races, then nutrition will become more important in assisting you to maintain power.


If you are doing less than an hour do not worry about fueling on the bike, rather make sure you have eaten prior as your body has enough stored muscle glycogen to maintain power for this type of duration. However, if you are going to be doing sessions around 90min+, then on bike nutrition will help you maintain power throughout the session. See the table below for our recommendations.

Are you worried about losing too much sweat or dehydrating?

The best way to check if you drank enough on your rides in general is too weigh yourself before and after your session. If the difference in the weight loss is greater than 3% you have not drunk enough. However, you do not need to spend the rest of the day chugging down gallons of water. This can cause further dehydration due to a decrease in your body’s electrolyte concentration. Rather use electrolyte Tablets with a bottle of water as a rehydration method.

Training your gut

Practicing specific nutrition strategies gives your gut a chance at becoming more efficient. Carbohydrates needs to be digested and absorbed in the blood so that it can be used to produce ATP( Energy).This process relies on specific enzymes that needs to be trained  to carry out this process more effectively. To do this one must experiment with the quantity of carb intake during training when stress on the body is high.


In Conclusion Virtual Racing will help you improve your Nutrition in the following ways: 

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