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Tips for a Successful Berg and Bush

We are fast approaching the 2018 edition of one of the best stage races on the South African Calendar – The Berg&Bush.

If you are doing one of the 3-day events you will be well aware that this is not a short dash. This is a proper, hard-core 3-day stage race and your nutrition during the events is really important.

If your goal for the event is to enjoy yourself, then by all means, enjoy all the temptations on offer at the water stations and at the dining room … and all the beer … and survive every day to do it all again the next day.

But if you have come to the 2018 Berg&Bush to give it your best, then you need to be very disciplined with your nutrition.

  • Stick to the basics
  • Don’t experiment
  • Don’t over indulge
  • Be careful with the alcohol
  • Get quality nutrients in to your body as quickly as you can after you finish a stage.


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