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Wahoo TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor for iPhone & Android

The Only Heart Rate Monitor You’ll Ever Need.

Tickr X has dual band technology of both ANT + and Bluetooth Smart, you only need one heart rate monitor strap for connecting to all of your training devices, from iPhone to Android to Garmin to Timex.

See The Connection
The TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor is equipped with two LED lights to show the TICKR’s device connection and heart rate detection.

Capture Every Move You Make.

Running Smoothness™ is a measure of your running form, which helps you to train strong and healthy. It provides insight into how to improve your running form to increase your efficiency and help reduce the risk of injury.

Wahoo’s TICKR RUN contains a built-in accelerometer that measures the rate of change in acceleration, or the “jerk” of your body, for three dimensions – front to back, side to side, and up and down. Combined with the Wahoo Fitness App for iPhone, you can see your Running Smoothness Index, a rating from 50 to 150. The higher the number, the smoother or efficient runner you are!

Here are just a few of the things you can track by using Running Smoothness™

  • How changing the way you run can affect your form
  • How fatigue affects your form during a workout
  • How your form improves over the history of your workouts
  • How your smoothness changes depending on the type of terrain or route you run

Wahoo Tickr X Heart Rate Monitor Specs –

  • Memory: Allows you to track your heart rate, calorie burn, and duration while you workout without your phone and auto-sync later – holds up to a 16 hour workout!
  • Motion Analytics: Measures your cycling cadence during indoor cycling classes. More activities to come in firmware updates!
  • Rapid Double Tap Control: Without your phone – double tap adds markers for specific points throughout your workout. With your phone – control app functions such as music playback and laps.
  • Vibration Alerts: Let you know your TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor is connected and indicate when you add a marker during a phone-free workout.


The best of all is the price of this amazing piece of tech … at less than R 1500 it packs a HUGE punch!!

Tickr X Trouble shooting

The Tickr-X is an inexpensive heart rate monitor that packs a HUGE punch … and because of the unbelievable range of functionality this small device has, its “mind” gets scrambled from time to time.

We have reached out to the team at Wahoo to assist with some of the problems we have had and herewith their response:

* Ensure the new battery has at least 3.0 volts (minimum to operate the TICKR and TICKR X).

* Try restarting your phone, make sure you close out of all open apps before trying to reconnect again.

* Wipe the pod with a moist cloth and then hand wash the belt well with soap and water as sweat and dirt buildup can cause connection errors.

* Make sure the HRM is being worn snugly across the chest to ensure a good connection, if the monitor moves or slip it may disrupt the connection. Also, make sure the electrodes are moist when you put the strap on.

* Try resetting the TICKR. To do this:

1- Remove the battery
2- Flip the battery upside down and reinstall
3- Leave battery installed upside down for 3 seconds
4- Remove the battery and reinstall correctly
5- Put the battery cover back on

* While the battery is removed please pull up gently on the connector, sometimes these get pushed down and don’t form a strong connection with the battery.

* If you are using an iOS device, please reset the network on your phone by going to Settings, General, Reset, Reset Network Settings.

* Test the unit in the Wahoo Fitness App, ensure there are no other apps/device on in the environment that could be interfering with the TICKR signal. See how to do this with the links below:



Hopefully following these steps will prolong the life of this amazing device.


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