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Yellow Pea Protein

Did you know that there are at least 10,000 different proteins in your body that make you what you are and keep you that way? It’s no secret, then, that protein is an essential part of our diet, but the debate as to the best source and the amount seems to be never ending. One…

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Tips for a Successful Berg and Bush

We are fast approaching the 2018 edition of one of the best stage races on the South African Calendar – The Berg&Bush. If you are doing one of the 3-day events you will be well aware that this is not a short dash. This is a proper, hard-core 3-day stage race and your nutrition during…

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Preparing for a Bike Packing Adventure

We are quite new to Bike Packing and as we approach our Second adventure we are considering what we learnt from our First adventure. The first question that we needed to ask ourselves when planning for the Bike Packing Adventure was; Are we camping or staying at an established accommodation? Knowing this helped us determine what we…

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Sweet Secrets of Sugar

The topic we want to avoid … because it is so nice  Why is sugar bad for you? Sugar causes glucose levels to spike and plummet Unstable blood sugar can leave you experiencing mood swings, fatigue, and headaches. It also contributes to cravings, which begins the cycle of false hunger. By contrast, those who avoid…

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Wahoo TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor for iPhone & Android

The Only Heart Rate Monitor You’ll Ever Need. Tickr X has dual band technology of both ANT + and Bluetooth Smart, you only need one heart rate monitor strap for connecting to all of your training devices, from iPhone to Android to Garmin to Timex. See The Connection The TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor is…

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Why TEMPO rides?

This is one of those mysterious zones that we often don’t understand or don’t value, because we are not going easy and it’s not hard. So, what is the purpose of TEMPO rides and where does it fit into the coaching/training world? There are several versions of training zones used in the big world of…

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