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Club Team


The Absolute Cycling Club’s objectives are to be part of its members’ cycling journey from beginner too competitive cyclists back too social rider. Yes, we want to be part of your complete cycling journey.

With this as an objective we understand the importance to assisting and supporting the high-performance riders in the club in a structured manner and therefore the creation of the Absolute Motion Cycling Club Team.

All Absolute Motion Club members participating in the following disciplines; Road Racing, MTB Marathon racing, MTB XCO racing and MTB Enduro racing in the following age categories; Junior men and women, U23 men and women and Elite men and women categories are eligible to qualify to become team members.

Membership to the “racing team” is for a calendar year only and every year all existing team members will have to re-apply in the same manner as new applicants for the following year.

The team selection process is as follows:

  • September/October – Send a short CV to the club committee to apply to the team for the following year.
  • October/November – Do a FTP test at the Absolute Motion Performance Studio, or at another credible Power Studio.
  • On meeting the following performance criteria you will be eligible to become a team member:
    • Junior Men – Power to Weight ratio of 4,2 W/Kg
    • U23 and Elite Men – Power to Weight Ratio of 4,6W/Kg
    • Junior Women – Power to Weight Ratio of 3,5 W/Kg
    • U23 and Elite Women – Power to Weight Ratio of 4,0 W/Kg

Please note that meeting the performance criteria does not guarantee a spot in the club team. Every year the committee will decide on the size of the team based on team objectives and available funds and the final team selection will be at the discretion of the club committee. 

Team Benefits

  • Selected products at no cost
  • Large discounts at other products
  • Subsidised coaching
  • Free Absolute Fit bike fitting
  • Club membership
  • Certain amount of money per year for event cost (entries, travel, etc).
  • Subsidized training camps. There will be at least 2 during the year / Free labour @ CBT.