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Nutrition basics for better healthier cycling



Written by Johann Wykerd

16 February 2018

Nutrition basics for better healthier cycling

– Johann Wykerd

As a coach, one of the most frequent questions I get pertains to nutrition. Unfortunately (or fortunately I am not a nutritionist) and this topic proves to be a mine field if you delve into it.

But, because of all the queries I get, I have been spending A LOT of time reading up on the subject and as I am getting older and the metabolism slows down, this is also becoming more and more an issue for me.

My advice in general … and I am reminding you again that I am not a nutritionist or dietician is as follows:

Breakfast: Eggs and / or Oats work. Eggs keep you full for longer and it stops the snacking mid-morning. Eggs are also very good to manage your weight. I will often mix some leftover vegs into my loosely scrambled egg for a quick omelet a-la-Johann. I stay away from processed cereals like Futurelife, etc. Low-carbs does not mean it is low … it often just means that it is lower than some of the other products. When I eat oats, I like to mix some banana and peanut butter in as well. It just makes it taste better and both add-ins are good for you.

Snacks: Fruit

Lunch: I am not so stressed about lunch as your carb intake is often required to get you through the rest of the day. But keep things like bread to the minimum. Salads are good …

Supper: Small portion on protein and lots of veg is my go-to meal. Try and keep starches like bead and pasta to the minimum.

In conclusion: Stay away from processed sugar. Eat until you are not hungry anymore … don’t eat until you are full … our portions are mostly to big. I also try and stay away from the idea of rewarding yourself with a chocolate for being good … sugar is super addictive and by cutting it out totally you will make life easier for yourself in the future.

If you want some more info, one of the best articles I have come across is this one; that was published in the Cycling Weekly during 2014. I like it because it tells us what we need in simple terms and if we take the advice to heed we will be better for it.


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