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Recovery for Stage Races



Written by Johann Wykerd

1 May 2019

If there is one thing to focus on during the race that would be recovery.  How fast you can recover between the finish of the last stage and start of the next stage is critical.  The faster you get through the race the sooner you can start your recovery.  The longer you are out on the trail the more stress you build and the more recovery you’ll need.

Recovery techniques may include:

  • Rest and sleep are critical to recovery.  You’ll want at least 8hrs sleep between stages and a nap post stage.
  • Massage using a foam roller and/or using a masseuse or compression boots will clear the waste out of you legs and make the fresh for the next stage.
  • Keep up on pre and post race Hydration and electrolytes.  Dehydration can reduce performance and impact recovery.  We suggest keeping up with your normal hydration practice.
  • A post recovery drink like a smoothie, or protein shake.  Consume within 30min of the stage finish.
  • Your routine should be: finish your race, drink a recovery drink on the finish line (the race organizers often supply), take your bike to the bike park, go fetch your crates, go shower, go eat, go for a massage or foam roll, take a nap, stay off your legs.
  • Eat and drink something after the race, even if you’re feeling good. Sit down and put your feet up.  Try to eat real food, rather than tablets or powders…continue to drink an electrolyte drink – it will help you for the next day.
  • 1 serving of beet juice Pre or Post race will help carry more oxygen to the muscles promote faster recovery.
  • Eat lean protein during Lunch and Dinner
  • Replace glucose with good carbs such as sweet potato, rice, grains and fruit and vegetables
  • Reduce inflammation by avoiding gluten, dairy, and sugar products.
  • Hygiene is important – get your self clean ASAP after each day’s stage, and get any injuries cleaned and medicated.


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