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Welcome to the KAP sani2c coaching and training family.

Absolute Motion is a national coaching business with coaches across South Africa. We have been privileged to journey with some of the very best mountain bikers in South Africa since 2000. People like James Reid, Candice Neethling, Julian Jessop, Alan Hatherly, Bianca Haw and Frankie du Toit have been, and some are still, part of our family. But we don’t only focus on the young stars, we also assist people like Arthur Duncan, who at 80 was one of the oldest people to ride the sani2c.

For the 2018 edition of KAP sani2c we will provide you with nutritional information, technical advice, some skills training and a very comprehensive coaching solution. We look forward to going on this journey with you.

2018 KAP sani2c Coaching

We could have send you some spreadsheets with training ideas, but decided that we want to really give you the most professional service we possibly can and have therefore decided to make you completely part of our coaching offering …. And that at no charge to you.

This is our solution:

  • We will be making use of the best coaching software in the world, Training Peaks, to guide and manage your training and activities and you register  on our Training Peaks profile after you have completed the information below. (This comes at no charge to you).
  • Your training will be individually managed. Yes, no one-size-fits-all program for people taking part in the best stage race in SA ☺
  • We have allocated a team of our coaches to look after you up to KAP sani2c and a coach will be introduced to you as soon as you have completed the registration process.
  • Bianca Haw will also be part of the team to assist you in making KAP sani2c 2018 very special … after all, she has all the inside information.


So, to start we need to get to know you a bit better. Please complete the following questions: