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This Training Camp is Fully Subscribed !!

Mountain Bike Training Camp

Karkloof, KZN Midlands, South Africa

13 Des – 17 Des 2023


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Base Training Camp – Jeffreys Bay to Swellendam

ABSOLUTE MOTION MTB TRAING CAMP | 07 JAN 2024 - 12 JAN 2024 “You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have”  Bob Marley Being an elite athlete includes accepting that challenges are a part of your daily routine, pain and...

MTB Skills Training Camp – Karkloof

ABSOLUTE MOTION MTB TRAING CAMP | 13 DES 2023 - 17 DES 2023 Absolute Motion offered a 4-day mountainbike training camp in December.  I jumped at the opportunity, as I stay far away from a cycling community such as this. We stayed at Old Haliwell Country Inn near...

Welcoming our Newest Coach: Catherine Andrew

We're thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our team of dedicated coaches, the passionate and experienced Catherine Andrew. From Gauteng and racing in the Vets category, Catherine brings over a decade of cycling expertise to our community. Catherine has been...

8 Essential Cooking Tips for Healthier Eating

On the journey for a healthier lifestyle and better athletic performance, what happens in the kitchen is just as important as what takes place during your interval sessions. Our in-house registered Dietician Hanlie Botha, with her wealth of expertise, has shared...

Anne Blewett’s Tenacious attempt at the Race Across France

The world of cycling is no stranger to remarkable stories of perseverance and determination. Among those shining stars is Anne Blewett, a phenomenal female cyclist who, at the beginning of July 2023, embarked on an awe-inspiring quest - her second attempt at...

Virtual Training Camp

With an exceptionally harsh winter-We realised our clients and us, needed that extra motivation to stick to the training plan. What better way than to train together in a structured manner, that takes the guesswork out and keeps you accountable. From the comfort of...

Aerobic vs Anaerobic in Cycling

These are terms that are often used but not always very well understood and therefore this short blog, hopefully, offers a simple-to-understand explanation.  I want to start by highlighting that there are 3 primary energy systems: 1 Aerobic and 2 Anaerobic...

Carbohydrate intake during and after Endurance Efforts.

Taking carbohydrates during an Endurance Event (or training session) and replacing carbohydrates after intense training: When exercising for 40min or more – start replacing Carbohydrates , the recommendation is 20 – 25g carbs per 45 min – 60min. If finishing the...

Bike Packing Southern Cape

5 Day Bike Packing Adventure from Swellendam to Knysna Adventure biking conjures up majestic scenery… If your incurable sense of curiosity got you to the start with little more than your toothbrush, sunblock and bum cream- you were signing up to be wowed by nature,...

Eating to Recover after Strenuous Training…3 Tips.

A good nutrition recovery strategy is essential for athletes who train regularly, particularly for those who train daily or more often. Accurate timing of meals and snacks to enhance muscle glycogen restoration is as vital as the total carbohydrate intake that is...

Performance Management Chart Explained

The Performance Management Chart in Training Peaks (PMC) – What does it all mean? The Performance Management Chart in Training Peaks helps you balance your Fitness, Fatigue, and Form.  And before I explain what all these things mean, I want to emphasize that the...

Training and racing with power

If you Google this subject, you will find many articles on the pros and cons of riding and training with power and all of them will suggest that if you want to take your cycling forward, having a power meter is worth the investment.  So, I am not going to bore...