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Welcoming our Newest Coach: Catherine Andrew



We’re thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our team of dedicated coaches, the passionate and experienced Catherine Andrew. From Gauteng and racing in the Vets category, Catherine brings over a decade of cycling expertise to our community.

Catherine has been riding bikes for over ten years, cultivating her love for both the road and mountain disciplines. When asked about her favourite discipline, she enthusiastically answered, “MTB is my favourite; great single track never gets old!”

For Catherine, while the scenic routes of Hennops and Wolwespruit hold a special place in her heart…the Cradle is her go-to location for specific training. Her connection with the trails at Berg and Bush stand out as a memorable cycling event, capturing the essence of her adventurous spirit.

From Rider to Coach:

Catherine’s journey from a dedicated rider to a seasoned coach is rooted in her personal experience. Frustrated by plateau-ing progress, she decided to delve into structured training and was amazed by the results. This sparked her fascination with the science behind training, leading her to become a coach. It was then that Catherine noticed a gap in the coaching landscape, particularly for women of her age group, and saw an opportunity to make a difference.

As a coach, Catherine thrives on working with committed athletes who are passionate about improvement. While not everyone may aspire to be professional athletes, she values individuals who give their all to the sport…no matter their level.  Witnessing her athletes grow and achieve beyond their everyday lives is what inspires her as both a coach and an athlete.

Cath is currently pursuing her TrainingPeaks Level 1 certification and eagerly awaiting the next round of the UCI Level 1 course. 

We’re excited to have Cath on board, and we look forward to the positive impact she’ll bring to our family of cyclists, runners, and multisport athletes. 

Welcome, Catherine!



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