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Fitness off the bike

Fueling for the LONG race

We are getting close to the annual Coronation Double Century and a number of our athletes will be competing. Choosing the right nutritional plan to fuel your body at high intensity for 5 – 7 hours is tricky and all your training will mean little if you don’t get this right. Day before Eat normally…

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Do you use the correct handlebar?

Many mountain bikers don’t give a lot of thought to handlebars. In our experience your handlebar can make a huge difference to your bike comfort and bike handling. With this blog we will chat a bit about the things to consider in choosing the best mountain bike handlebar for you. I am not going to…

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Getting Ready To Race

Its race day and you are ready to have the race of your life! The start line is where many of us get it totally wrong. The 2 main problems I have identified are: Incorrect warm-up Self-doubt Both of these are equally important and cannot be ignored if you want the race of your life. Warm-up…

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Nutrition basics for better healthier cycling

Nutrition basics for better healthier cycling – Johann Wykerd As a coach, one of the most frequent questions I get pertains to nutrition. Unfortunately (or fortunately I am not a nutritionist) and this topic proves to be a mine field if you delve into it. But, because of all the queries I get, I have…

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Kim’s Podium Etiquette

Being on a podium is a proud moment, not only for you but also for your sponsors. That is why we believe that it is important to look your best . Here are a few tips from Kim Le Court about Podium Etiquette.  Kits are a requirement:  Even if the podium is hours after your race,…

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How to stay Hydrated during Base Season!!

“Better hydration this time round … a huge relief!” – Willie Pelser  “What can I try next?” Over the last 2 to 3 years I have constantly asked myself this question. Which energy drink can I try next? What else can I add to my hydration intake when I ride my bike? I am one…

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