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Fitness off the bike

Nutrition basics for better healthier cycling

Nutrition basics for better healthier cycling – Johann Wykerd As a coach, one of the most frequent questions I get pertains to nutrition. Unfortunately (or fortunately I am not a nutritionist) and this topic proves to be a mine field if you delve into it. But, because of all the queries I get, I have…

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Kim’s Podium Etiquette

Being on a podium is a proud moment, not only for you but also for your sponsors. That is why we believe that it is important to look your best . Here are a few tips from Kim Le Court about Podium Etiquette.  Kits are a requirement:  Even if the podium is hours after your race,…

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How to stay Hydrated during Base Season!!

“Better hydration this time round … a huge relief!” – Willie Pelser  “What can I try next?” Over the last 2 to 3 years I have constantly asked myself this question. Which energy drink can I try next? What else can I add to my hydration intake when I ride my bike? I am one…

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