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Why do you need a coach?



Written by Johann Wykerd

6 October 2021

At the recent SA XCO Champs I again saw the joy and disappointment of athletes as they crossed the finish line. It made me think about the role that a coach plays in an athletes journey. Every year athletes evaluate their performance and if they have not reached their goals they start asking themselves, “what is the reason for me not making it, myself or the coach?” 

I think that this answer can be found going back to the whole purpose you chose your coach in the first place. With so much available on the internet about the latest “Get – fast diet, or gadgets that will increase your fitness, power and strength, free online conditioning programs or training plans etc.” it easy to become disillusioned as to how a coach can help you. I mean, if you can get it online for free then why pay someone??

But, let’s not get confused by the role the internet vs. a real coach can play in your life.

A coach helps you realign and focus on what is important, they help you identify what your strengths and weaknesses are, they are a voice of reason, accountability and help give you that competitive edge you are desiring. Along with a coach offering you scientific-based knowledge that they are continually improving on through studying, understanding how you are performing and investing time into making sure that they help you perform at your best, I’d say a coach has so much too offer

At Absolute Motion we believe that we can help you achieve your goals and better yet, your dreams. We have a variety of coaches who each have amazing personalities and drive. If you are wanting to head into your next season with a new energy, new enthusiasm to conquer your goals…but need a little help, let us help you.


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